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22 Aug
Health & Safety Awareness
Objectives for the session include: • To be able to describe the importance of health and safety in the workplace • To examine the current procedures and processes in relation to health and safety • To be able to identify the key responsibilities for themselves and their employers • To list a range of areas that are covered by HASWA 1974
29 Aug
Connect 5 Session 1 - Brief Mental Wellbeing Advice
Connect 5 Session 1 session is practical and interactive, involves a PowerPoint presentation, large group discussion, small group work and exercises in pairs. Additional information is provided after the session in an electronic format. The three sessions which make up the Connect 5 Training Programme are accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). The Programme teaches evidence based techniques, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) self-management skills, which attendees can pass on, through wellbeing conversations. Depending on how much one-to-one work you do with people experiencing poor mental wellbeing, you might find it useful to attend all three of the Connect 5 training sessions, just session 1, or just sessions 1 and 2. If you plan to attend more than one of the Connect 5 sessions, then you must attend them in numerical order, as each builds on the previous one. We recommend that the time between each Connect 5 session you attend, is not more than six months.
02 Sep
Positive Thoughts
• To identify what stress is and how this can impact us • To examine stress reactions and what triggers affect us • To review options available when seeking to reduce stress and how to look after oneself emotionally and physically • Practise methods of relaxation • To investigate how to keep well and support on-going good emotional and physical health
03 Sep
Building Resilience & Managing Stress
Objectives for the session include: • To be able to describe what stress is and what it can look like in people • To be able to list signs and symptoms of stress • To be able to recognise your own personal stressors • To discuss strategies for building and strengthening resilience • To develop a personal plan for managing own stress and developing resilience
03 Sep
Display Screen Equipment Assessor
During the training the assessors will be shown how to carry out the assessment and how to set up the workstation for the user. They will be made aware of the requirements of the 'Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations' and the duties that WBC has as an employer. The assessors will also be made aware that working at computer workstations or with DSE equipment can be occasionally associated with experiencing aches and pains however this does not mean that DSE work is risky - it isn't. Aches and pains can be avoided if the users follow effective practices, set up their workstations correctly, adjust chairs to ensure back are fully supported and take appropriate breaks of work activity change.